Saturday, September 14

iPad Tip & Wallpaper FREEBIE!

I was lucky enough to get 5 iPads for my classroom this year.  I am really excited to get started with them, but first I have to download apps to each of them.  At first, I thought I'd have to go to the App store and search for each app on each device.  Then, I learned this cool little trick...

Once you download the apps (using your Apple ID) onto a device, you can sign in with that Apple ID on the other devices, go the App Store, click on "Purchases", and then "Not on this iPad".  Up pops all of the apps that you've downloaded with that Apple ID.  Then, you just click "download" a bunch of times until your apps on are each device. :)

So here is how I'm spending my Saturday afternoon...  (download, download, download....) ;)

**A little honesty disclaimer:  This trick is for free apps, not paid ones.  From what I've heard by my district's tech department, it's Apple's policy that paid apps are bought for each school device (or company device) that the app will be used on.  Please be honest & abide by this policy!**

The iPad wallpaper backgrounds are something I made to tell the iPads apart & keep track of which ones are being used or borrowed.  They are PNG images.  I first saved the images to my computer, emailed them to myself, opened my email on my iPad, then saved them as "photos" on the iPad & set them as the wallpaper.  I don't know if there's a faster way to do it...if there is, please let me know!

Permission to pin!

I've put them in Google Drive as a little freebie!  You can access them here or by clicking the photo above.  (Credits: Backgrounds by Kylie Healey, Borders by Teaching in a Small Town & Surfin' Through Second, Font by Hello Literacy.)

Happy weekend friends! :)

- Katy

Monday, September 9

A bug, Organizing Page Protectors, & a FREEBIE!

I went into school yesterday with a specific lists of things to accomplish.  I'll be honest...I didn't really want to do of course I got distracted & started doing other things.  It ended up being really productive though.  I went through a lot of old materials that I'd been given my first year of teaching and sorted through what I really needed.  In the process of doing so, I discovered this...

Eeeeeekkkk!!!!  You guys, that is a bug INSIDE one of my page protectors!!!  You KNOW it's time to throw it out when it has a bug inside it.

I ended up getting rid of about 5 binders worth of stuff.  My shelves can breathe again!  Haha!  Getting rid of all that stuff meant that I had a LOT of empty page protectors to store (I was a little obsessed with putting everything in page protectors my 1st year...).  Those little buggers (no pun intended) are slippery, and I wanted a way to keep them all together.  Maybe I'm the last to figure this out, but here's what I did:

I put a metal ring through the top holes to keep them all together!  You could probably put in more than one ring, but I didn't want it to be too hard to remove one when I need to.

So there you go....if you used to be as obsessed with page protectors as I was still am, just put a metal ring through them to keep them nice & tidy!!

As a thank you for still reading & not immediately closing out your browser after looking at that bug, here's a little homework freebie for reading & writing numbers to 120....head on over to my TPT store to grab it!

- Katy
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