Monday, October 28

My Truth Monday - Creepy Stuff

Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade has this great new linky party called "My Truth Monday".  This week, we are sharing what creeps us out!

Foods that gross me out:
I am a pretty picky eater, and texture is a big thing for me.  I cannot stand peas...something about them just does not go well with me.  I had a bad childhood experience with eating them and being so grossed out that I was gagging while trying to eat them.  No peas for me!  I also don't like many fruits because of the mushy texture.

Scary movies:
Heck. to. the. NO.  I just get too worked up about it, and then I am scared for weeks after.  Many people I know enjoy the feeling of being scared, but not me.  I am a comedy gal through and through.

The thing that creeps me out more than anything???
Earwigs are disgusting.  Most bugs don't bother me- I can squish them and just move on with my day.  Not earwigs...too gross.  I have to call in reinforcements for those.  I'm also really creeped out by hearing creaking sounds in the night.  I try and rationalize that it's the floorboards, the apartment next door, or something outside, but it usually doesn't work.  My "fight or flight" takes over and my heart starts racing.  Yes, I'm a scaredy cat.

Well, there you have it!  Things that creep me out.  Head on over to Denise's blog to check out the other blogs participating this week!

Sunday, October 27

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner & Thanksgiving Math Centers

Congratulations to Julie for winning the giveaway!  Her winning entry was for following me on Pinterest!  Thanks to everyone who entered...I appreciate your support & the fact that you love getting free things as much as I do. 

I've been doing a little prepping for November (I know...look at me all ahead of the game!  No really...look.  It probably won't happen again!) ;)  I've printed and laminated my Thanksgiving Math Centers.  My district is using a new pacing guide this year that is very different than what we've used in the past, so many of the seasonal math centers I purchased on TPT last year are now out the window.  Don't ya just love it when that happens?!  Anyway, instead of buying more this year, I've decided to create my own.  That way, I can tailor them to what my students are learning during each month.  During November, we will be working on place value, adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers by counting on, addition and subtraction word problems, 2D and 3D shapes, and fractions.  Here are a few (living room) pics to give you an idea...

Place Value Match...I have my kids pick a card, count the blocks, and match it with a number.  You could also play this as a memory game.

 Adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers by counting up.  I've included 2 ways to do this.  The way that's pictured gives the kids the starting number, and they have to count up by touching the objects.  I also made a version that gives the number sentence (so the card above would say 70+3=___) and kids count up by touching the objects to find the sum.

Addition story problems!  The pink cards are result unknown problems, the orange cards are addend unknown problems, and the yellow cards are three addend problems.  Gotta use color coding to keep it all straight, don't ya know! :)

Sorting 2D and 3D shapes...I just love the little turkeys on the sorting mats!  KPM Doodles (whose Thanksgiving clipart I used to make these centers) does some fantastic work!

Sorting fractions into halves and fourths.

I also threw in a couple centers to help them practice adding and subtracting on a number line, as well as practicing fact fluency by "sorting by sum".

There are 10 math centers altogether (not all of them are pictured here).  As soon as the Halloween hoopla is over, I am whipping these bad boys out!  My students love the Fall Math Centers, so I'm sure these ones will be a big hit as well!  Want a lil' sample?  Head on over to my TPT store and download the preview!  You can snag the "sort by sum" center (the last one pictured above) for FREE!

Sunday, October 20

Making Words Freebie

I usually spend Sunday afternoons prepping things for the week ahead.  We have a short week this week, so I didn't have that much to prep, but I did make these little sheets to go along with one of our phonics activities this week.  I'm going to put the sight words in a basket and have them draw out a few to practice.  They can read the word, build the word with magnetic letters, and then write the word.  I'm going to use the top half of the page for my kiddos who are on/below grade level and the bottom half for my kiddos who are above grade level.  If you do any "making words" activities and could use these, feel free to grab them!

Also, don't forget to enter my 150 TPT follower giveaway!  You could win a $10 TPT gift certificate and 3 items from my TPT store.

Saturday, October 19

New Design & 150 Follower GIVEAWAY!

Notice something different?  A BRAND NEW BLOG DESIGN!!  I am sooooo in love with it!  Teal is my favorite color, and I love how cheery and bright my blog looks now!  Megan from "A Bird in Hand Designs" is the fabulous designer behind it all.  I used her "Build Your Blog" option, which lets you pick from a ton of different options.  Megan was awesome to work with, and the whole process was really easy!  (The most difficult part was deciding which colors I wanted, as there were so many to choose from!)  Thank you Megan for the awesome design!! :)

To celebrate my new blog design AND the fact that I reached 150 followers on TPT, I am going from being the "giveaway promoter" to having a giveaway of my own!!!  {Clearly, I am a sucker for free things.}  When I started selling on TPT this summer, I had no idea what to expect.  I thought it might take me a year or more to gain 100 followers, and I am blown away by how awesome the journey has been.  There are so many great sellers and resources on the site, and I am just honored to be a part of it. 

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff....onto the WINNING!

I am giving away a $10 gift certificate to TPT, as well as any 3 items from my store.  I love shopping around on TPT, but shopping for free is even better, so what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and enter!!  The winner will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter and notified via email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Happy Saturday! :)

Wednesday, October 2


It's my first time linking up with Farley for her "Currently" linky!  Hooray!! "Modern Family"!  Phil cracks me up.

Loving....Sorry, I know it's cliche for this time of year, but I had to say it.  I love pumpkin spice lattes!  However, I like them even better with a pump of mocha in them.  Try'll be glad you did! :)

Thinking...that I should stop blog-stalking and start the pile of work that I brought home with me!  I feel like no matter how much I get done each night, I have so much to come back to in the morning.  Anyone with me on this?

Wanting...AND Needing...more time!  I KNOW y'all are with me on that.  A few extra hours in the day would be nice this time of year.

Trick or Treat...I'm sharing a trick I recently heard about.  It's an app called "Apps Gone Free".  Everyday, it tells you about several paid apps that have gone free for a limited time.  You just click on the app, and it takes you right to the App Store to download it.  I've gotten several good ones from there that I wouldn't have paid for otherwise.  But, hey, for free?  Why not!

Thanks for reading what's going on in my little piece of bloggerland.  Head on over to Farley's blog, "Oh Boy Fourth Grade" to check out some other "Currently" posts!

- Katy

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