Thursday, August 21

Meet the Teacher: A Peek Into My Specialized Schedule

Sooo...I've been a bad blogger.  BUT, I've had a fabulous summer!  (#sorrynotsorry)  I went on vacation for 3 weeks to Northern California, and it was beautiful!!  I got to see the HUGE redwood trees and take pictures like this!

The redwood trees were awe inspring!  The largeness of them completely blew me away!

I also had the opportunity to go back to London (where I studied for a semester in college) and see things like this:

I went on a day trip that allowed to me go INSIDE Stonehenge...incredible!!

Big Ben & Parliament

The "London Eye" (aka big ferris wheel) that gives you awesome views of the city!

Does anyone recognize where I am?  YES, it's where they film Downton Abbey!!

After all that fun, I'm back now and linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you my schedule.  It's different than most because our school is departmentalized (or "specialized" as we call it).  I specialize in math, which means that I teach it three times a day.  I really love it the first 2 times, as I feel like I have a perfect opportunity to make tweaks to the lesson and improve my craft without waiting a whole year, but I have to admit, it gets a little old the third time 'round.  That's when I tend to change things up or do silly things like talk in accents.  I have to keep both their interest AND mine by 3 in the afternoon!  With that said, here's what a typical day for me looks like...

Our mornings stay the same.  I teach math to my own kiddos, we have snack and take a break (hoping to get morning recess back this year!) and teach math to my co-workers class while my kids have Science, Social Studies, and Writer's Workshop.  If you want a more in-depth look at my Math Workshop, check out this post.

In the afternoons, our schedule varies depending on when we have our "special" (gym, music, art), but
that's when I teach my 3rd math class (while my kids go to reading), and we have our Language Workshop.  It used to be called phonics, but there was a big literacy training in my district this summer (while I was in California, so I'm feeling a little out of the loop on it) and since we are focusing more on vocabulary this year, we are calling it Language Workshop.  So, as soon as I get in the loop, I hope to share more about what that looks like. :)

If you are already back to school, I hope you are having a FANTASTIC start to your year.  If you are like me and soaking up the last rays of summer...ENJOY them!!

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