Thursday, April 17 YOU like GIVEAWAYS?!

Oh yes, you read that right...GIVEAWAYS, as in more than one.  I've teamed up with 36 other teacher bloggers to offer some of our best-selling bundles in SIX huge giveaways!  I've included my Addition & Subtraction Sorts Bundle, which has been a favorite of my class for practicing our fact fluency!

The giveaways are split up by grade level.  There are two Kindergarten giveaways, two 1st grade giveaways, one 2nd grade giveaway, and one 3rd-5th giveaway.  A little something for everyone! :)

Since I am not cool enough to have a Facebook page (yet!), I am posting about it here.  However, to enter, you will need to visit the Facebook pages of our lovely giveaway hosts.  Just click the images below to be taken to the Rafflecopter giveaways.


1st grade: 

2nd grade:

3rd-5th grade:

Pretty awesome, right?!  I would LOVE for a "First Grade Kate" follower to win, so make sure you head on over and enter before April 23rd!!

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