Saturday, September 20

120 Chart Puzzles

Hello friends!

I hope the start of your year is going smoothly!  It's going to take my class a few weeks to get it yet, but I know we'll get there...I may just have a few less strands of hair! ;)

We did a great activity this week with 120 Chart Puzzles.  In the past, I've made all of the puzzles and had the kids put them together.  It took forever to cut the pieces, some of the pieces would get lost, or kids would mix them up.  This year, the lightbulb finally went off and I had the kids make the puzzles.  Not only was it more meaningful for them, but I didn't have to take a couple hours of precious time to make them myself!  I just printed 120 charts (from this freebie by Erica Bohrer) and let the kids do the rest!  Here is how we did it:

I put directions up on the Smartboard (along with visual clues) to help them remember the steps!

1. I had the kids color their chart all one color.  I also told them to pick a different color than the other kids at their table.

2. I modeled how to draw lines to make the puzzle pieces.  We talked about how to draw medium sized pieces, not too big and not teeny tiny.

3. They cut the pieces apart.  It was great cutting practice for some of them! :)

4. I am just so happy that I thought of this next part...I had the kids write their name on the back of every piece.  No more searching through bags and bags of puzzles to see if a piece is missing!

The kids LOVED putting together their puzzles!  I also wrote each kid's name on a baggie so we could save the puzzles for another day.  They are very motivating and a great way to help kids look for patterns on the number chart!

If you try this activity with your kiddos, I'd love to know how it goes! :)

Tuesday, September 2

September Currently

Oh man, September already....and time for the September "Currently"!

Listening:  I'm re-watching a mystery series on Netflix called "The Glades".  It makes for nice background noise as I'm working on the computer. :)

Loving:  I have really been into Vanilla Lattes lately.  I used to be all about Mochas, but I've moved on.  I should probably start ordering Pumpkin Spice Lattes while I can though!

Thinking:  I need to go to bed!  It was the first day of school today and it's 9pm...'nuff said.

Wanting AND Needing:  I'd love an extra set of hands for the rest of the week.  Just sayin'...

3 Trips:  I love this one!  Traveling is so much fun- I love seeing how people in other areas of the world live.  I would love to visit Africa, Australia, and Spain one day.

Want to know what other bloggers are up to?  Visit Farley's "September Currently" Linky to find out! :)

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