Sunday, October 27

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner & Thanksgiving Math Centers

Congratulations to Julie for winning the giveaway!  Her winning entry was for following me on Pinterest!  Thanks to everyone who entered...I appreciate your support & the fact that you love getting free things as much as I do. 

I've been doing a little prepping for November (I know...look at me all ahead of the game!  No really...look.  It probably won't happen again!) ;)  I've printed and laminated my Thanksgiving Math Centers.  My district is using a new pacing guide this year that is very different than what we've used in the past, so many of the seasonal math centers I purchased on TPT last year are now out the window.  Don't ya just love it when that happens?!  Anyway, instead of buying more this year, I've decided to create my own.  That way, I can tailor them to what my students are learning during each month.  During November, we will be working on place value, adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers by counting on, addition and subtraction word problems, 2D and 3D shapes, and fractions.  Here are a few (living room) pics to give you an idea...

Place Value Match...I have my kids pick a card, count the blocks, and match it with a number.  You could also play this as a memory game.

 Adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers by counting up.  I've included 2 ways to do this.  The way that's pictured gives the kids the starting number, and they have to count up by touching the objects.  I also made a version that gives the number sentence (so the card above would say 70+3=___) and kids count up by touching the objects to find the sum.

Addition story problems!  The pink cards are result unknown problems, the orange cards are addend unknown problems, and the yellow cards are three addend problems.  Gotta use color coding to keep it all straight, don't ya know! :)

Sorting 2D and 3D shapes...I just love the little turkeys on the sorting mats!  KPM Doodles (whose Thanksgiving clipart I used to make these centers) does some fantastic work!

Sorting fractions into halves and fourths.

I also threw in a couple centers to help them practice adding and subtracting on a number line, as well as practicing fact fluency by "sorting by sum".

There are 10 math centers altogether (not all of them are pictured here).  As soon as the Halloween hoopla is over, I am whipping these bad boys out!  My students love the Fall Math Centers, so I'm sure these ones will be a big hit as well!  Want a lil' sample?  Head on over to my TPT store and download the preview!  You can snag the "sort by sum" center (the last one pictured above) for FREE!

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