Monday, October 28

My Truth Monday - Creepy Stuff

Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade has this great new linky party called "My Truth Monday".  This week, we are sharing what creeps us out!

Foods that gross me out:
I am a pretty picky eater, and texture is a big thing for me.  I cannot stand peas...something about them just does not go well with me.  I had a bad childhood experience with eating them and being so grossed out that I was gagging while trying to eat them.  No peas for me!  I also don't like many fruits because of the mushy texture.

Scary movies:
Heck. to. the. NO.  I just get too worked up about it, and then I am scared for weeks after.  Many people I know enjoy the feeling of being scared, but not me.  I am a comedy gal through and through.

The thing that creeps me out more than anything???
Earwigs are disgusting.  Most bugs don't bother me- I can squish them and just move on with my day.  Not earwigs...too gross.  I have to call in reinforcements for those.  I'm also really creeped out by hearing creaking sounds in the night.  I try and rationalize that it's the floorboards, the apartment next door, or something outside, but it usually doesn't work.  My "fight or flight" takes over and my heart starts racing.  Yes, I'm a scaredy cat.

Well, there you have it!  Things that creep me out.  Head on over to Denise's blog to check out the other blogs participating this week!


  1. Ha ha! :) I'm a big chicken about 'bumps' in the night TOO! :) I didn't put that on my list...but I should have! :) What an adorable blog you have Katy! :) Thanks for coming by to say hello to me! :) I'm follower number 4! :) XOXO,

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  2. I agree about creeking sounds in the night! But fruit?? I have a friend who doesn't like fruit and everyone responds like I just did to you and they always say, "Not even {insert name of their favorite fruit here}?" And it just bothers her... so I will have to say I found another fruit-free person out there!

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. Haha, you are right...that is exactly how everyone responds! I'm glad I'm not alone in it though! :)


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