Monday, January 27

Self Reflection Sheet for Conferences (Freebie!)

My team and I are trying something new for Parent Teacher Conferences.  The elementary schools in our district are set up differently in that each person on a grade level team "specializes" in one subject area and teaches it to all the classes in that grade level.  I specialize in math, so I teach math to all three first grade classes in my building.  I love getting to know all of the kids, but it's hard around Parent Teacher Conferences because I can't connect with every parent about their child's math progress.

Enter...Student Led Conferences!  We are trying it this way for February conferences because we hope it'll give kids an opportunity to take some more ownership of their learning.  It will also allow us to meet with more parents than the traditional conference format.

To prepare for Student Led Conferences ("SLCs" if you wanna shorten things up), we are having our kids complete a self-reflection sheet.  They will share this with their parents at conferences and do some goal setting for the 3rd trimester.  If you want a copy of the reflection sheet, click here or on the pictures below!


  1. These are so great!! Thanks for sharing. I hope they work well for your SLCs (neat idea, by the way)!

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad they will be useful for you!


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