Saturday, January 17

Five for Fraturday - Phonics Centers & Fraction Pizza

Time for another link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Technically, it's still Saturday here in Wisconsin for another 28 minutes, so I'm counting it as a Fraturday instead of a Frunday! ;)

 I usually do some kind of sight word or phonics centers on Thursdays.  I just had to snap a pic this week because they were doing so well!  The blend puzzles were a Target dollar section find this summer, and my kiddos love them!

 Two: The color printer at our school finally got fixed!!  It's been a cutting lamination kind of weekend, folks.  On the bright side, I am SO.PUMPED to introduce some new math centers to my kiddos next week!

I discovered these exit tickets from Create-Abilities a few weeks ago and started using them this week with the introduce of our new unit!  I stapled the standards for the unit together to make a little book, and my kids have done them every few days.  They have been a great "quick check" to see who gets it and who needs more practice!

I received the cutest note from one of my sweeties this week!  I love the "report to me and tell me why" part!  LOL

First, I had the kids plan their toppings and assemble their pizza.

Then, I had kids write about the fractions they used and create the crust using brown paper.

Here is the finished bulletin board!  (Yes, I display all 65+ kids' work!)
We made these cute little fraction pizzas using Jennifer Bate's "Pizza Fractions" freebie!  I did it a bit different than her template and asked kids to decide which toppings they were going to use and how many fourths of the pizza those toppings would get.  I think the final result is darling!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my week!  Check out Doodle Bugs Teaching blog for other Five for Friday (or Fraturday, or Frunday....) posts!


  1. That little note is so sweet. The "why" is common core I had a Fraturday post as well. I just can never seem to get it together on Friday. I am so jealous you have a color printer at school. We get no, as in zero, color copies at work. I print all my color centers, task cards, etc at home with my own ink. Thank goodness the hubby doesn't realize how much my monthly ink bill is. Have a great week!

    Luv My Kinders

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