Monday, August 24

Back to School GIVEAWAY- KleenSlate Whiteboard Paddles

Hi friends!  I'm back today to tell you about a new classroom tool of mine that I just LOVE!  When I was at the TPT Conference in Vegas this summer, there was an educational expo being held at the hotel.  My friend Erica and I were checking out the booths one morning when we came across the coolest product- KleenSlate Whiteboard Paddles!
One side of the paddle is a whiteboard, and the other is a dry erase sleeve that comes with a 2 sided template (handwriting lines or graphing paper).  BUT here's the coolest thing...the template comes out and you can insert ANY template or graphic organizer that you need!  I was seriously excited when we found this out.  I was already picturing how I could use these in my could use math templates with ten frames and number bonds to show their thinking, write down their answers to our Question of the Day, plan out the details of their writing, use a T-chart to sort words during phonics, and pretty much any other type of formative assessment I might need to do.
While I was busy oohing and aahing over the versatility of the dry erase sleeve, Erica was most impressed with the markers.  Because the ink tube goes all the way to the end of the marker, it is impossible for kids to push the points in.  YES, you heard that right!  No more throwing out markers because kids pushed too hard.  How great is that?!
Another awesome feature?  Everything is attached, so you don't waste precious instructional time passing out materials!  The marker attaches to the handle, and there's a cleaning cloth that clips to the board with a ring.
I was so impressed with these boards after I saw them at the expo that I just HAD to splurge on a class set.  I chose to get all blue to match my classroom (and to eliminate issues of arguing about color), but they have a variety of colors to choose from.
Is your teacher heart geeking out now as much as mine was?! is the absolute BEST part....KleenSlate is letting me give away a set of 12 whiteboard paddles to one lucky teacher!  How awesome is that?!  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

*Full Disclosure: KleenSlate provided me with a few extra boards & markers in exchange for writing this post and hosting the giveaway.  All opinions stated are my own.
*Full, Full Disclosure: I would've written about them for free...they are just that awesome.  ;)


  1. Those look amazing! I have been looking everywhere for something similar but these go above and beyond. What a great tool for the classroom. I would love to win these for my students :)

  2. Is it sad that I am an adult teacher (as in, I teach adults) but I still want these for my classroom! I'd love to win the 12pk so that I only need to buy a 24pk to outfit my entire classroom, and still have some wiggle room left in my budget!!!

  3. Thank you! I am beyond excited to use these in my classroom!


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