Tuesday, August 13

My latest experiment...creating QR codes! (Plus a FREEBIE!)

Ok, so I am supposed to link up with Blog Hoppin' with a big classroom reveal.  Well, I was just in there for a few hours today getting a few things done, and lemme tell you....it is not ready for any kind of reveal.  So, I will give you a little freebie in hopes that it will suffice. 

In one of the classes I took through my district this summer, I learned about creating QR codes.  I thought it would be complicated and time consuming, but it SO isn't!  There are actually websites that allow you to type in a URL, upload a photo, or even add plain text and it will create the QR code for you.  I used the site http://atomurl.net/qrcode/  but there are many sites that do this.

When I was in the class, I immediately thought of using QR codes as a way for students to independently check their work.  During our math workshop, I am running guided math groups, so I don't always get a chance to go over and see how kids are doing on the math games.  Sometimes I wonder if kids are practicing a skill incorrectly or just guessing for the heck of it.  I especially worry about this with "True" or "False" games because a) it's a hard standard to master, and b) it's so easy for kids to mix them up and not even know it!  So, I am in the process of creating a whole bunch of true or false games that allow kids to check their work using QR codes.  I have 3 done so far, and one of them I am offering up as a little freebie!

 Click one of the pictures above to grab it!

Thanks for playing along!  I hope to have my room done in a couple weeks & will post pics then!

- Katy

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