Tuesday, August 20

Welcome Back Week: Class Information

I am linking up with Mandy's Tips for Teachers for Welcome Back Week!  I am feeling very blessed not to be "back" yet, but I will share what our team did last year!


Last year was the first year that our district moved to "specialization".  I had not heard of this in elementary before, but I am actually loving it.  I teach math to all of the first graders, and my teaching partners do reading and science.  We teach phonics and writing to our own "homerooms".  I LOVE teaching math, and I feel like I am a better math teacher because I can really focus my efforts on fewer subjects.  I do miss teaching reading, but overall the benefits outweigh the perks, at least for me.

Because this was a new thing for everyone last year, we put together a packet that explained the new "system" and invited them to visit the other classrooms.  I am hoping that a year into specialization that most parents will know how it works (because it was also done in K), but it will still be a big transition for any new families.

We also have the standard "meet the teacher" info, supply drop, classroom management plan, etc. info....in fact, I should probably find those and begin tweaking them for the new year!

Alrighty, it's off to bed for me!  Hope tomorrow is a Wonderful Wednesday for you! :)

- Katy

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